2012 Youth Shakespeare Festival

2012 Youth Shakespeare Festival

Update Sunday 24 June 2012

We are currently investigating the best way forward for the 2012 Youth Shakespeare Festival.

 We are proposing that we hold Regional Festivals in Term Three with a State Festival in early Term Four. Alternatively we may coordinate to do a two day all schools event in early Term Four.

We hope to be able to make announcements in the week of 4 July 2012

Thank you for your enthusiasm for the Festival.

2012 Youth Shakespeare Festival

The Shakespeare Centre invites  you to join us for the 2012 Youth Shakespeare festival. The festival  is a unique hands-on approach to getting to know Shakespeare’s works.

Since re-establishing the festival in 2010 over 1000 young people have engaged with The Shakespeare Centre's festival at a In School, Regional and State level.

This Festival is driven by the participants themselves as they explore Shakespeare’s work though performance, music composition, movement & dance, design and photography. It celebrates their response and interpretation of the plays, creating ownership of Shakespeare’s words and themes. As a result, both teachers and students find that being part of the Youth Shakespeare Festival has added to their understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare, Drama, English, Design and the Performing & Visual arts.

The Youth Shakespeare Festival is managed by a group of theatre and education professionals who believe that Shakespeare is best understood through "doing" rather than only reading or watching.

Though this years guidelines are mostly the same as those for 2011 please read them carefully. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure their work adheres to the guidelines. Please assist us by communicating this to your students. You can download the guidelines from the quick links on the right. 

Schools can also download the registration forms 

If you have any questions have a look at the FAQs at the end of the guideline or contact us at festival@theshakespearecentre.org.au

We look forward to sharing the journey with you again or for the first time.

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