Why Membership?

One of the reason that The Shakespeare Centre has opted to have a membership base is: firstly to build a community of like minded people and secondly to give that community a place to belong.

To ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible we have two levels of membership:
Associate Membership and Full Membership. Each of these come with certain rights and responsibilities and these are outlines below.

To become an associate member just fill in this form and send it in. We will send you an invoice for payment.

If you are under 16 or participating in the Shakespeare Youth Festival then please use this form

Welcome ! You'll be glad you joined

Benefit Associate Member Full Member
Cost $15 for Individuals, $50 for Institutions $25
Discounts on Programs Yes Yes
Access to special offers Yes Yes
Free Entry to State Final Yes Yes
Transferable Free Pass to State Final Yes Yes
Right to attend the AGM No Yes
Right to be elected to the committee No Yes
Right to vote at the AGM No Yes

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